How to increase sales for restaurant?


Gone the days, when customers use to come in the restaurant by handouts, magazine ads, or billboard. Today customer spend more time online and make most of their decisions about their purchases and needs. There are lot of budget friendly way to retain and get more customers to your restaurants. Here we go:

  • Effective based Email Marketing: If you have email list for your customer build over time, here is good news for you:
    • 72% of consumer preferred to be contacted by email
    • 91% of the consumer wants to get promotional emails from the businesses they do business
      So encourage your customers to enroll for email in the restaurant or online so you can send your best deals direct to their email. It’s better you use this channel when their is something valuable to offer and customer get value out of it. There are free to use email service to send customized email like Mailchimp, etc
      Caution: Don’t buy or rent email list as it’s bad for the business. Building your own list builds relationship with customer over time.
  • Build a mobile App: Today’s consumer is Mobile consumer, more content is consumed on mobile than desktop. This blog explains you the benefits of having mobile app for your business. Here are the hard stats about mobile app
    • 74% of consumers user their mobile to help them shop
    • Mobile offers are redeemed 10 times more frequently than print offers
    • 42% of all mobile sales is oriented through mobile app
      Note: 123 Apps Studio build mobile app for restaurants / cafe starting $25 per month with full control given to restaurant to change it as they needed

  • Offer Reward / Loyalty program: It’s well know fact that it cost more to acquire new customer than it does cost for retaining existing customer. So it’s very important to do everything you can do retain existing customer by having right reward system, loyalty program in place. It can be as simple as point based or number of visits to 10% discount on every Wednesday. It can be implemented using mobile app or loyalty based card
  • Use social media effectively: Social media has taken place of traditional media long back. Over 80% of the adults use at least one social media. It’s quite overwhelming not to use social media as part of marketing and promotion. There are some things to keep in mind to make most of it:
    • Set goal for your result from social media outreach
    • See which media your target audience uses, Facebook is not alway beneficial, you can look for newer media like, Instagram, Reddit, etc
    • Be creative and bold with your promotion
    • Sometime it adds value to buy some ads on best of the all which works for you for specific promotion
  • Run a contest: Consumer get attracted to few specific words like “Win”, “Free”, “Special offer”, “Giveaway” and these are the exact things needs to be part of the contest. You can have a contest and prize could be one of the above or something special. The amount of traffic you would be get is always more than what you giveaway along with publicity. You can run the contest more effectively online using social media and mobile app
  • Be serious about online reputation: It’s very important to have at least neutral if not positive online reputation to be successful in today’s world. Every negative comment takes away that customer along with some hopeful new customer. With every consumer being alert and most of them check what their friends and online community is saying about any place before making any purchase or going out there. So make sure you have good reviews on Facebook, Google review, Yelp etc. If there are any negative reviews, make sure you have updates for that with proper response

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